John Teamer AKA “Pypes” is a 24 year veteran of the United States Air Force Band who now owns his own Vocal Coaching Studio (Pypesmusic Studio LLC) located in Eagle River AK.  He has traveled all over the lower 48 as well as overseas.   Throughout his military career he has had the opportunity to perform with some of America's greatest talents;  

Constance Tower, noted for her role in General Hospital;  
Wilford Brimley, a prominent actor featured in several films, 
John Hendricks, the founder and chairman of Discovery Communications, and 
The New York Voices, a Grammy Award winning vocal group renowned for their excellence in jazz and the art of ensemble singing.  

He is also known as Mr Ashley from local Ashley commercials he has done in town.  He has since produced his first album called “Out of the Blue”, celebrating his retirement of 24 years from the Air Force and is now working on his second album called “Fireweed”, an all original music tribute to Alaska.  Please welcome John “Pypes” Teamer. 

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