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With over 10 years of experience in commercials, jingles and voiceovers, and 24 years as lead singer for the United State Air Force Band, Mr. Teamer is your answer. His experience includes vocal tracks for communication systems, and voiceovers for Ashley's Furniture Stores, Fiesta Foods, Loaf-n-Jug and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. 


In making commercials, time is money, and what your company needs is a person who can produce a professional product quickly. With minimal producing needed, Mr. Teamer saves companies money by using his past experience and training as a public performer and career vocalist. Take a moment to listen to the commercials below and view his performance résumé. 

Ashley Furniture John "Pypes" Teamer does Ashley commercial, Anchorage AK 4.2 MB
Ashley Furniture John "Pypes" Teamer does Ashley commercial, Anchorage AK 3.94 MB
Ashley Furniture Klick Klacks John "Pypes" Teamer does Ashley commercial, Klick Klacks, Anchorage Ak 4.05 MB
     Are you writing a movie, a book or a play that needs a theme song? Does your business needs that special jingle to gives it the recognition you've always wanted? Maybe it's as simple as having a poem you want turned into a song for a loved one. In a collaborative effort can help you achieve your musical desires and turn your frustrations into excitement.  With singers, songwriters, instrumentalist and studio capibilities, pypesmusic can help you achieve your ultimate musical goals.  For more information contact  Remember, it's your product we simply help you musically bring it to fruition.    

      Harriett J. Ball was a nationally renowned keynote speaker and 
repeat presenter for public and charter schools, college and 
university campuses, and national/state/district conferences. She was best known for the influence she had on KIPP, which has grown into a prominent national network of 99 public schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia. The schools bring an intensive, college-preparatory focus, and mostly serve low-income and minority families.  Any Number" is an educational song written by Harriett Ball. Pypesmusic and Harriet Ball Enterprises worked together to put a musical backing track behind this song which was designed to be used as an educational tool for students. The track below was the result of that collaboration. If you'd like to see the impact Harriett Ball made on educating children, she can be seen in the movie “Waiting on Superman” or you can click the icon below.  
     Pypesmusic does not own the rights to "Any Number", so it is not avaialble for download.  However, you may listen to the fifty second sound bite.  Let us know what you think.  We are always looking for ways to serve our customers better.