........ for the Air Force Band in San Antonio, TX. Amazed by his talent and ability to harmonize with no formal training, the Air Force band hired him as one of their lead vocalists.


The band assigned him to supervisor Julie Schambre, who taught him to sight-read music, and scheduled him to various musical groups to broaden his repertoire of styles. His wide range of singing ability placed him in both a Latin Soul group“Alma Latina” and “Top Flight,” the popular music combo. He is one of the featured singers on two albums from the US Air Force band in San Antonio, TX; “Partners and Top Secret.


In 1995 he moved to Colorado Springs were he became the tenor vocalist and one of the featured singers for The United States Air Force Academy Band. Once again, his versatile singing allowed him to perform with many of the band units i.e. 

  • “Blue Steel, 
  • Acapella Singers, 
  • Wild Blue Country, 
  • Concert Band, and 
  • The Falconaires Big Band Jazz ensemble. 


He was featured on several albums, noteably: 

  • The Falconaires: ”A tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim,” 
  • A Glenn Miller tribute with Mr. Norman Leyden.  To listen click HERE.
  • A tribute to a fellow bandsman, Frank Mantooth, and 
  • The Concert band recording, ”The Big Blue Ball.


After ten years of service with the Academy Band, Mr. Teamer volunteered for an assignment to Alaska where he performed with the Air Force Band of the Pacific. Throughout his military career he has had the opportunity to perform with some of America's greatest talents; 

  • Constance Tower, noted for her role in General Hospital; 
  • Wilford Brimley, a prominent actor featured in several films,
  • John Hendricks, the founder and chairman of Discovery Communications, and 
  • The New York Voices, a Grammy Award winning vocal group renowned for their excellence in jazz and the art of ensemble singing.


Since his assignment with the Band of the Pacific in Alaska, he has opened for the renowned country group, “Sugarland,” and more recently for Wynonna Judd’s Operation Gratitude, a tribute to US service men and women. In 2009, he took first place in commercial reading, vocal performance and overall performance at the Chicago Talent Showcase. 


John Teamer loves music. It is a gift and talent that he has been blessed with all his life. After 20-plus years of military service singing for his country, both stateside and overseas, he hopes to continue serving the community with great music and entertainment for all to enjoy. His recorded music is available to the public on his website, pypesmusic.com.