Pypes Vocal & Performance Lesson Studio (PVPS)
(Distance is no longer an obstacle)

     Using Skype Video Chat, We can personally help you discover a strong, confident and compelling vocal quality to your vocal repertoire without leaving the comfort of your home or office.  All you need is a quiet room, a web camera and a Skype account – and you can take lessons from PVPS.  You are a candidate for this exciting new program if as a singer you are dealing with one or more of the following concerns.
- You don’t know your voice range.
- You have problems with breath control.
- You can't control your vibrato or you're not aware that you have one.
- You don’t know what part you sing, Soprano, Alto Tenor or Bass, and need help finding your placement.
- You wonder why you only sound good in the shower and nowhere else.
- You wonder why you never or seldom get that call back from the vocal audition.
- You lack that certain “quality and style” that puts your performance at the top of your viewing audiences choice
   for best performance.
     At PVPS we will answer all these questions and help you achieve your vocal objectives.  In this online course you will get the same carefully crafted vocal lessons we offers clients who come to the studio. You’ll discover easy techniques to express yourself fully — project a confident image — engage with your audience — and achieve the level of vocal success you deserve.  PVPS lessons begin at $30.00 per 30 min lesson at one lesson per week or $600.00 per 6 months. A savings of $ $240.00 a year.  For other prices and times please call (907) 242-1498.  Mastering your vocal performance can make the difference between “just getting by” or becoming the vocal musician you've always wanted to be.  

     Skype spaces are limited so contact PVPS immediately if you are interested in an online course.  With over 20+ years of working and training with vocals PVPS can help you achieve your performance goals. We will also address a number  of mistakes singers make that distingueses singers from musicians. 

     Just click the Pypesmusic icon button below to access our quick, easy, no obligation application. We will contact you to arrange a brief consultation to determine whether online vocal coaching is right for you.