Welcome to PVPS Online Voice lessons/Vocal Coaching Course
Ideal situations would have all clients in the studio but due to request for distant learning the online course was created.  Please click here to download and print the registration form required to begin lessons.

  • Are you losing your register (Vocal range) and find yourself singing all over the place because of it? 
  • Maybe you just want to improve the tonal quality of your overall vocal sound.
  • Are you one of those singers struggling to find what part you sing in congregational/ensemble singing? 
  • Or maybe you just want to learn the vocal dynamics of that one song you're struggling to master? 


Believe it or not, these issues may be easier to correct than most people think, and sometimes they can be corrected with minimal training. We've all heard the phrase "Practice makes perfect", but in truth, "Practice makes Permanent".  Although it is important in every aspect of your musical instrument, the wrong techniques and disciplines will only strengthen your ability to perform incorrectly.


Pypesmusic begins with simple principles that will give you positive results when auditioning for any vocal group or solo performance. These simple principles, along with voice coaching techniques, have gotten me through many performances and auditions with very positive results. Vocal musicians who want to perform at their best must become very comfortable with their instruments and the instrumentalists who perform with them.  As students progress in music, PVPS helps support the performance portion of singing with a studio and facility set up for live performances.


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